Choo-choo Toque

My son in his choo-choo toque

This pattern is now available on

For personal or charitable use only. LGN, 2012.

* I had some ravelry comments that mentioned that the long strands can be difficult to deal with if you’re a novice at stranded colourwork.  If you are doing more than 5 or 6 consecutive stitches in one colour, just tuck the other strand around every 4 to 5 stitches. 


8 thoughts on “Choo-choo Toque

  1. lisagono Post author

    Knitting pure and simple has some really fast, simple toddler/kid patterns…I’ve been planning to use one with the train chart, but like you I just don’t have the patience right now….

  2. Tina

    What is the best way to make the hat larger? I was thinking of adding a couple of stitches between cars of the train… And perhaps a few mor between repeats…

    1. lisagono Post author

      That could work. It depends on how much larger. You could add another car to the train by repeating the second car. Someone on ravelry made theirs larger by making a single train and just repeating the central car as many times as necessary. Adding stitches between the cars is probably the easiest, but it makes your floats longer especially in the top rows.


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