All The Old Showstoppers (Part 2)

Because one post couldn’t contain them all:

My youngest niece and her Project Linus blankie

My youngest niece and her Project Linus blankie

Favourite Shower Gift:  I know I’ve said this before, but nothing beats the Project Linus Security Blanket from Knitting for Peace as a baby shower gift.  I have literally dulled a pair of needles making this blanket six times.  All six are still in use, even though the oldest recipients are approaching school age. The simple, but pretty texture looks the same from both sides.  It’s durable and practical, warm and cozy. I made all six in Cotton Ease, so they’re machine washable; trust me, no new parent wants to hand wash anything. Nothing makes me a happy knitter, like seeing these get worn out as the newborn babies grow into toddlers and preschoolers.

My son's bulky jacket in Dream in Color Groovy

My son’s bulky jacket in Dream in Color Groovy

Favourite kid sweater: Diane Soucy’s Neck Down Jacket is another pattern that I’ve come back to again and again.  It comes in sizes from toddler to preteen.  It’s fast; it’s easy; it’s adorable; it’s knit in one easy piece (even the pockets!).  So it should come as no surprise that I knit this one six times in Dream in Colour Groovy and Berocco Chunky.  If like me, you have absolutely no skill with sewing, don’t let the zipper scare you off – most dry cleaners will sew in the zipper for a pretty reasonable fee (mine charges $6).  The shape is so timeless that I regularly see very expensive versions of this sweater in shop windows.  Just last week my sister-in-law emailed me to tell me that her daughter wears it every day to school as a jacket.  I could go on about this one all day …

Paintbox Log Cabin blanket in Noro Taiyo and Berocco Vintage

Paintbox Log Cabin blanket in Noro Taiyo and Berocco Vintage

Favourite blanket: … and finally the real show stopper:  The Paintbox Log Cabin Blanket.  This pattern is available for free and it gave me my favourite knitting project of all.  This project requires a really significant investment of time and money, and I probably won’t make it many more times.  At nearly $200 worth of yarn and 4 months of knitting, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime special gift.  That being said it was worth every penny and every minute.  Because the blanket is constructed in squares, it was an easy project to take with me and I loved being surprised by the way the colours materialized in the Noro.  It’s so beautiful and simple, I only wish I’d thought of it first. I cannot thank Katherine Keyes enough for this pattern. Spectacular.

I’d love to hear your favourites.  What patterns have you coming back for more?


4 thoughts on “All The Old Showstoppers (Part 2)

  1. andresue

    I have a really hard time knitting the same thing twice. Don’t know why. I’ll use a basic knitting formula more than once but I have to switch out at least the stitch pattern. But these are great ideas for future projects. The paintbox blanket is especially interesting with the way it shows off the Noro so beautifully!

    1. lisagono Post author

      With such a big family, I get a lot of requests for the same thing I knit for the last baby or toddler, and some patterns create such beautiful objects I can’t resist. That paintbox blanket is probably my favourite ever pattern. It’s a perfect Noro pattern.


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