Hexipuff-date Part 3

My hexipuffs!

My hexipuffs!

This week, I completed my sixtieth hexipuff (still a very long way from a finished bedspread for our guest room).  I love the controlled chaos of the colours, as I continue to add new balls of scrap (like the Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock from my most recent socks, and some baby pink bamboo leftover from a long ago shower gift).  Generally speaking, controlled chaos is my favourite aesthetic; although that may just be a survival strategy for a middle school teacher/mother of a young child.

I’ve started to play with texture in my hexipuffs.  I was inspired by some of the gorgeous hexipuffs on Pinterest and raverly. Creative knitters have used texture, colour and even embellishment to make their individual hexipuffs special.  One of my favourites on raverly even put the recipient’s name on a baby blanket sized beekeeper’s quilt.

Some beautiful textures (from Pinterest)

Cannot believe how gorgeous this hexipuff is (from ravelry)

Glam up Your Hexipuff – Hollyhock is available as a free ravelry download

Adorable owl puff (spotted on Pinterest)

My owl hexipuff and one I with the cable pattern from the Dean Street hat

Some of my own experiements: owl hexipuff and the cable pattern from the Dean Street hat

The first experiments were with cables and gansey. I love this little pink one, which borrows its cable pattern from the Dean Street hat, and my tiny gray owl (shamelessly copied from a creative raveler). Hexipuffs are a great, low commitment place to play with texture that you’d like to practice, or are considering for another pattern.Hexipuff in Dream in Color Smooshy with marriage lines

Hexipuff in Dream in Color Smooshy with marriage lines

For example, this week, I’ve been charting out a pair of socks that I’d like to give my husband for our upcoming anniversary.  I read about marriage lines, which were a special texture in fisherman’s sweaters, made only for married men, by their wives.  I love the idea of reviving them on a pair of anniversary socks for my husband. So, I decided to use a hexipuff as an oppurtunity to play with the texture.  I made a blank hexipuff chart (below) and simply translated the pattern to a new canvas.  What are you doing with your hexipuffs?  Feel free to use the chart – I’d love to see what you come up with.

A blank hexipuff chart. Make of it what you will!

A blank hexipuff chart. Make of it what you will!


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