Love my new house, hate my new moths

It’s finally happening! We’re moving into our house. After 4 months of waiting, the house was even better than I remembered from our pre-offer showings.  After several years of upheaval and change, I’m so grateful to be setting up a more permanent home for our family, one that’s all ours.  I feel blessed, excited, overwhelmed and utterly exhausted.

I’ve got my eyes on you moths (from Wikimedia Commons)

Unfortunately, our fabulous little house offered up one terrible surprise on closing day: moths. That’s right, the winged invader that every knitter and fashionista fears… moths. And before you ask, yes the clothes eating ones. While this unintentionally (?) hilarious trend piece in the Globe and Mail suggests there is nothing a priviledged urbanite can do, but buy new clothes, I refuse to admit defeat.

I hope the cedar and cinnamon will keep the bugs away

I hope the cedar and cinnamon will keep the bugs away from the stockings, now that we have a hearth!

I strive to keep things in our home as natural and healthy as possible, and I am teaching my son to respect all living things, but any insect that thinks it can eat our woolens is going to die. The scary chemicals in moth balls kept me from going the chemical death route, but I’m trying everything else; we have pheremone traps, cedar balls, tuperware containers, cinnamon and sheer determination.  I hope that the days the house spent empty will help, but our attic traps (by Aeroxon) were littered with moths this afternoon. Right now, I’m catiously optimistic that I can keep our clothes safe (since any larvae infested clothes were taken away by the last owner) but I’m keeping my yarn stash safe in our old apartment for now. One thing’s for sure, those bugs will not dine on hand dyed sock yarn tonight. And so my watch begins…

12 thoughts on “Love my new house, hate my new moths

  1. Sweatyknitter

    Oh this is a horrid turn of events for you! You’ve tried everything I would have tried. Hmmm, are there any carnivorous plants that eat moths? I had a cat who seemed to have dedicated most of her waking hours to stalking and eating insects, including moths.

  2. lazersheep

    Good luck! Maybe keep an eye out for a cedar chest at your local thrift shop, or Craig’s List? I’ve got one that ALL my wool has gone into recently. Sweatyknitter is right though, my cats take care of almost any flying bug in our place haha

  3. happyhomeeconomist

    I put my yarn in some nice, large, clear storage bags from Storage Solutions that zip up. They come with cedar lining, but of course you could always throw in your own. I don’t know whether they would hold up to an infestation as you describe, but they work very well for me. If your stash is considerable (no judgment here…) then I see that there is such a thing as a “sealable mattress bag” available on Amazon and perhaps elsewhere. I take it these are for storing a whole mattress and keeping out bed bugs etc – I would imagine that could handle even the most unwieldy stash. Good luck – and congratulations on your new home! I wish you much joy and far fewer moths!

    1. lisagono Post author

      My stash is currently in big tupperware containers, but I think I’ll have to invest in something more airtight. Thanks for the tips!

  4. sheepinthelookingglass

    Horrible. This is the time of year when you see moths – May/June is ‘flying season’. Which means they have hatched out having previously been busy eating something…
    I’m off to turn out my drawers of sweaters and hold them up to the light.

    1. lisagono Post author

      Thankfully, their previous snacks must have belonged to the house’s previous owners, but I’m afraid of where they’ll be laying their eggs. Good to know the season eventually ends!


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