About Me

I’ve been knitting on and off, since my grandmother taught me decades ago.  Having a son solidified knitting as the only hobby that can really, seriously compete with travel for my money and time. I love to knit sweaters for my two year old son, socks for my husband, and everything else for our ever-expanding extended family.  Here, I hope to document our adventures, in travel, and in yarn.




3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Marilyn Richter

    My name is Mernie Richter (Marilyn), I have knitted the EZ baby sweater, but I used an earlier edition of the pattern. The version in Knitter’s Almanac has an error and left out a part. The pattern was in Vogue Knitting American Collection listed as Best Baby Sweater, page 156. It said it was a reprint of the pattern that appeared in Vogue Knitting magazine in Fall, 1990. After the materials and gauge and stitch glossary are listed, (and before the pattern starts) it says:
    “Note: Work buttonholes one stitch in from one front edge by ;yo, k2tog and placing them as follows: The first one after one ridge (2 rows) and the others about every 8th ridge (16 rows).” The rest is exactly like it appears in Knitter’s Almanac.

  2. lisagono Post author

    Thanks. From reading the two Zimmerman books I have, it seems like the standards for clarity and precision definitely changed between the 70s and the 90s!

  3. Songbird Mama

    WOW! I am knitting this EZ sweater for our baby girl due end of August, and just had to frog the whole thing because I didn’t figure out where the buttonholes go. Luckily, I was only at the end of the yoke. I’ve searched the internet now for hours and finally found your helpful blog and Marilyn’s advice for the buttonholes! Thank you all!!!


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